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Smoked Blade End (country style) For Tamales Q-View

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OK I usually make a batch of around 4-5 dozen at a time but did not have enough husks this time so made me 2 dozen. This was a 2 day project.
The first day I took the pork out of brine and added Jeffs rub and smoked for about 6 hours in my MES till the meat started to fall apart.

Next day I roasted some Jalapenos & Garlic. Chopped up Onion and added to Jalapeno and Garlic to cook. Chopped the smoked pork and them combined mixture. Made tamale dough with masa, paprika,salt and some beef broth, soaked the husks in water for 4 hours.

Constructed the Tamales and steamed for about an hour and a half.


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Smoked tamales, WOW!!! That sounds great. I am from tamale country and have not come across anything like that here. Again Great. RC
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Wow, looks great...I love tamales but I have never tried to make them myself. Could you give some detail about the filling ingredients? and finishing methods.

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Wow, wish I could put that together, that looks nice!
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Actually they are easy to make, just time consuming. Don't bother to make only a dozen, I usually make 5 dozen at a time and after steaming them I put them in the freezer, they freeze well and all you have to do is steam them again for 10 minutes to eat.

The stuffing can be made all sorts of way, this is my first time to smoke the pork but it turned out great, wonderful flavor.
Normally I put pork and chicken in a pressure cooker with beef broth some onion and garlic for about 20 minutes. This time I saute'd the roasted Jalapeno with onion and garlic for about 10 minutes in olive oil. Chopped up the pork and added to the mixture.
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Great job on the tamales.I'm with Smokin' Joe,what did you used for the filling ingredients and finishing methods?I've never done them before but after looking at you Q-view I'm going to give'm try them.
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Those look great never tried making them myself but love eating them
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yeah tamales !!!!! qview is excellent PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif and i bet your post will spark more then a few tamale cooks to come !!
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Thanks all, they are absolutely delicious and easy to make. I have seen the dried corn husks at Wal Mart. I just go to a small hispanic grocery store and buy the husks and the Masa, its called MASECA, and all you add is salt, broth or water, some lard and baking powder, I usually add some paprika, garlic powder etc...

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