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Brisket, Butts, and Beans + TBS

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As I mentioned in the "general discussion" thread "largest cook to date",
Today is a wonderful day to smoke brisket, beans, and pork butts.
The beans are not on yet, notr the fatties, but they will be soon enough.

The 20 lbs of brisket were rubbed up last night with Paul Kirk's famous brisket rub.

and all four 7 lb butts were rubbed with my usual butt rub(self made), and injected with my marinade.

Here is a pic of one of the briskets ready to get on the pit!

I planned on continuing my lil butt experiment, so I will be cooking 2 w/fat cap scored and up, and the other two w/fat cap down, not scored! They were all injected and rubbed identically.

Here the pigs and cows are mingling on the pit after about 2 hrs!

I will get some pics in a few hrs, after the fatties, and beans go in the warmer! The weather here today is awesome. Calm, sunny and it started around 25 degrees, but is supposed to get to mid 40's!
Cooker is running around 230-240, and I am using oak for fuel, with a few splits of hickory and cherry tossed in for flava!biggrin.gif
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I almost for got the TBS part!

Nice and thin, what a gorgeous morning in SW mich!
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Looks like heaven in there icon_smile.gif. Real good, and looking forward to seeing the final stages PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif.

I just got Paul Kirk's book in the mail. I'm enjoying reading it. I like his presentation ideas even if it's just for my backyard PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif.
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Sure looking good so far Capt Dan!!
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Looking good as usual Dan, Keep us posted!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

What did you inject the butts with if you dont mind sharing??
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lookin great, I have never scored my butts, does it make any differnents
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I score my butts alot. I would give mine a 9.4 right now! Wife says I am a ten!

LC. I don't know if it helps yet. I did one like that last weekend and it was excellent. I am doing a lil experiment to see what I think. I would have never done it in the charbroil. That smoker is too up and down, and I needed the fat cap down for heat spike protection.

Joe, the injection Baste is as follows 3/4 cup apple juice
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup kosher salt
2 Tablespoons Worchestershire
2 TBS. of the rub.

Hope this helps!
The beans and fatties

and the meats right before I turn the briskets.They are in the shadows kinda.

More later when everything gets done. we are at 6 hrs right now and temps are around 165-167 on the briskets, and 158-162 on the butts with probes.
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That looks great!!

I had brisket last night and looking at this, want it again tonight! It's my favorite meat to smoke.
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Looks awesome Dan!

Looks awesome Dan! Curious what you find out with the scores:-)
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A conclusion to the large smoke today. The briskets turned out very good. I am pleased with the rub and the meat. I was puzzled by the first brisket, it only took 9 hrs to get to 200. It was foiled in a pan at 170. Very good and great smoke ring, The point chopped up nicely too!Here it is after a 1 hr rest in the cooler!

And a look at the sliced flat, and a cross section of the end of the flat towards the point!

Pretty happy with this trial. The second brisket went 11 hrs, and is still in the cooler with 2 of the four butts.Still have 2 butts on the pit and they are slow! I think about another hr(13 1/2 hrs total) for them. The beans turned out good, I substatuted the pineapple with orange juice and minced onion for the fresh. Different taste for sure, just tryin new things. Not as good as Dutch's recipe.
The fatties were done in 2 hrs. Made them a lil thinner, and didn't get a pic of the cut sections. I doubt if I'll get anymore pics on this smoke. I am tired. I went to bed after a night out with wild assed wife at 1:30 am. I then got up at 5:15 am to start this large smoke, and met a couple buddies at my house on there way to go fishing! So with 3 1/2 hrs of sleep. I doubt if I will be wanting to take any more pics.I still have to pull 4 butts before bed, and I would imagine that will take me until about 11 pm!

This has been the largest amount of meats I have ever smoked in a single day, and I liked it. I have some excellent results on my brisket technique, and I will make notes about the score/no score, fat cap up/down thing.
Thanks for all the help and support, and comments!icon_smile.gif
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That's some good lookin' stuff! Making me hungry already!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Keith
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looks great
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Good job Capn. What was in the fatties?
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I can't believe I am still up. I got one stubborn butt STILL IN THE COOKER! 16 frickin hrs, everything else has been put away hrs ago! The fatties were al Jimmy Dean. One was maple flavored with cheddar, the other was my favorite regular sausage with pepperjackwrapped with bacon, and the other was regular with colbyjack and onions, wrapped in bacon!
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Hey Dan have you ever tried the JD Sage chub? Its a winner!!!
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An update on the butt pull late last night.
4butts all rubbed and injected identical, 2 had the fat cap scored, 2 did not. I smoked the scored caps up and the unscored, cap down. I had 2 of the butts take 11 hrs to get to the cooler(one scored, one unscored) another took 2 additional hrs (unscored) and the last late night holdout took a total of 16 hrs cook timePDT_Armataz_01_05.gif . It was scored.All of them were cooked until they hit 200-202 internal temp.

As I pulled them one at a time after 1 hrs rest in the cooler wrapped in foil and towels, I kept track of taste and tenderness of each butt! What a nice job that wasbiggrin.gif .All four pulled nice. But I think that the scored ones actually had a better taste and texture. I know this goes against alot of folks ideals, even my own. I do know for sure that it renders the fat away much better.

I think that I will score my butts from now on , as long as I am using my Lang 60, but if I was to do them in the silver, I would do them cap down.

So that's my finding on that. I think that the next time I do multiple butts, I will continue the study, but after 2 different cooks on 6 butts, I am convinced that scoring the cap(or someone else called it crowning) is helpfull!wink.gif
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Dan, thanks for the great Q-view and all the good information on your smoke. I have yet to try a Butt, but hopefully sometime in the near future I will get one in the smoker. That last one took a long time to reach temp. Yikes!! 16 hours. Guess I will have to buy an extra case of beer just incase I run into the same problem...hehehe.

Thanks again for the Q-view and the info. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Happy Smokin

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Yes, that is by far the longest butt I have ever cooked/smoked. I have had some big chuck rolls go 13-14 before , but never a Butt! Don't let that scare ya off, they are fairly inexpensive, and pretty easy to do. It would be very hard to ruin one, and with practice and a lil help , anyone can Q a great one.Each one that you do,will seem easier, and soon enough, you'll be doing them all the time. There are alot of recipes that you can use pulled pork in.

On average, I would say they take me about 10-11 hrs from on the pit, to in the cooler! Once in a while I'll get one to go long, or one that is quick, like 7-8 hrs(those are rare for a full sized butt).
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