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Pork ribs tomorrow on the smoker

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I'll be smoking some ribs tomorrow on the Traeger pellet smoker. I am using Jeff's rub recipe that I just sprung for and I'll see how that does.

My question is on basting the ribs. I usually squirt on a commercial veggie oil stuff sold as Cajun Blast and that keeps the ribs very moist but also adds its own flavors to the ribs. I'm wanting to keep away from the commercial products this time and am curious as to what you guys use to keep them moist.

I'm a no sauce guy for cooking. I prefer to have it on the side for those who want it.

Help me keep these from drying out. I do not want to squirt apple juice on them either.

Thanks for any help.
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Try roll call first...then we can determine why you are opposed to apple juice or any other juice for that matter.

We cant help you if you leave out the details!!! type of smoker, fuel, rubs etc...

You made a smart chioce with jeffs rub. but we need more info. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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The smoker is a Traeger wood pellet setup. I'll be using mesquite pellets. The Traeger is cheating but it works pretty darned well and has digital temperature control and I can generally regulate the temp pretty well. I prefer mesquite for its sharper smoke taste in the meat. Apple and hickory tend to be a milder smoke and have less overall impact in the pellet smoker.

I dont care for apple juice simply because every time I've tried it the ribs did not come out as well as they did without it. It's always been a net loss for me.

These are standard pork spareribs and I'll liberally apply Jeff's rub.
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I.m thinking u try the 3-2-1 method with those ribs-but if your not gonna spritz them at all you might want to adjust your times-I have no experience with a pellet smoker so not sure there.If you do a search on ribs I bet u will find alot of input. good luck
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