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New one from Arkansas

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Really just getting into smoked meats. Love to cook, love to eat, and love some good BBQ. Every time I go some place to get some Q I often leave thinking "it was good, but I think i could do a little better" Well, i have decided to learn how. When researching smokers and things i came across this site and decided this would be were I would get a large amount of help during my new adventure. Look forward to receiving good advice and maybe one day being able to give some back.
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Welcome, this site and all here are very friendly and helpfull, poke around and ask for help.
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Glad you joined us, welcome to SMF !!!
Have you made a decision on which type of smoker you are going to own yet?
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Welcome to the site...........You found the right place to learn the secrets of smoking..............
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Welcome to the SMF, the place where you'll find plenty of help and laughs too!
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Welcome aboard, glad to have ya!
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Welcome ashton..enjoy your time here!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Well, I had done a little research and decided to go for the GOSM smoker from Wal-Mart for just $100. Then I decided 16 inches wasn't real wide so I opted for the wide body. Wide body runs about $140. After reading on a little more I found the Big Block. I figure that will last me. i am not going to spend money on the smaller one, only to want to move up to the larger one in the future. So, i have called my local Home Depot and ordered the Big Block.
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welcome ashton,like the others have said you have found THE place that will teach u a thing or 3 about smokin meat.-You made a good choice of moveing up in size on your first smoker-bigger is better.Heck most of us have more than 1-for that very same reason.(but don't get me wrong more is better)After getting it home u want to use mild soap & water to get the mfg. oils out of it-wipe the insides down with pam or evoo and put a fire to it-we call that seasoning it-after the burn off add some smoke and break it some threads on seasoning a smoker or do a search up top of the page.Were glad you stumbled on us and we all love q-view!
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welcome to SMF ashton, you have found a great site that will supply you with all the information and opinions you are looking for. just remember the only bad question is the one not asked. i am sure you will gain a great deal of knowledge from this site, looking forward to one of your smokes!!!
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Welcome to the SMF!!! Check out the 5 day ecourse... its full of good info, takes only a couple minutes a day, and its FREE!!! Glad to have ya ... welcome to your new family....
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Welcome to the site. you will find friendly, helpful folks here to help you on your venture into the world of smoke cooking. ask any questions that you have, someone will have your answer. Just keep in mind that this is not a hobby but an addiction, In a short period of time you will view the world through a haze of thin blue smoke.
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Welcome to the forum! You will find lots of good information here. Keith
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Welcome to the forum Aston1881....glad to have you
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