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Ribs, ribs or ribs?

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Can someone tell me the differences between the different kinds of ribs (baby back, spare, etc) and which ones you all would recommend for my first smoked ribs.

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here you go det. munch
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Excellent links, thank you.

It seems that they recommend spare ribs as the way to go. Whats your opinion?
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what T.H. said.........spares are the way to go.......MORE meat than bb's......and cheaper..........lets hope the rest of the world don't find out.....or THAT will change
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Pork country-style ribs = pork country-style loin ribs = pork country ribs = pork blade end country spareribs Notes: These have more meat than spareribs or back ribs, but they aren't as easy to eat with fingers. They come boneless or bone-in.

Pork back ribs = pork backribs = pork country back bones = pork loin back ribs = pork ribs for barbecue = Canadian pork back ribs = pork baby back ribs Notes: These ribs are meatier than spareribs, but they're not as meaty as country-style ribs.

Pork spareribs = pork spare ribs Notes: These aren't as meaty as country-style ribs or back ribs, but they're popular at barbecues since they're easy to eat with your fingers. St. Louis style ribs are spareribs that have been trimmed of the brisket bone.

As to what to smoke. Done them all. Baby Backs more expensive, get more with the spares, country style much more meatier (but really aren't ribs). I would do the spares. Alot less $ wise than baby backs.
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geoff........which is it said you get more with the spares...but up above it sez the opposite?
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In TH's picture above which bones do I cut for KC style? The bottom is the brisket bone...right? So I assume its the bones both at the top and bottom?
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Time to post the St louis style trimming video again WD. Maybe it can become a sticky.
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tm..........look for the thread titled trail by fire.......i posted a couple you tube links
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You get more bang for the buck with sparesribs when compared to bb's. $1.99/lb (spares) to $4.99 (bb's)
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also Geoff..........i feel you get more MEAT with spares........than you do BB's
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I always use spare ribs. Like every says, more meat and cheaper.
My neighbor always uses baby backs.

Not to toot my own horn; I don't know if it's the way I cook them, or the meat itself, but whenever we have mini cook-offs everyone always says mine come out more tender.

Probably just because there is more meat to be tender though PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I am the opposite. By the time you pay 1.99 for spares and cut 1/3 to 1/2 of the meat off(skirt, and brisket meat) to get your st. louis cut, now your back to 3.99 a lb. I buy my Baby backs for 2.99 a lb. the only thing I trim off them is the membrane and an occasional chunk of fat.So to get the actual section/rack of ribs, you are paying more or as much for spares. And baby backs are plenty meaty around here!

Common misconception!wink.gif
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Dan, I hope your not throwing away the skirt, and all the "trimmings". They make great "tasties" for the cook, and besides, thery're great eating too!

BTW, mighty fine tooking ribs and fatty!
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Those are baby backs crewdawg. I don't do spares anymore. Not when I can get bb's for 2.99!PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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I do babybacks, everyone say there is more meat on spareribs but I am not sure about that. I do agree they cost more. The meat on baby backs are usually a good bit thicker than spareribs or maybe it is just all the butcher's around here. I do not know but this is just my own opinion
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