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Just droping off the News

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My daughter Abigail Marie was born 3-26-08 at 1747hrs.

7lbs 6oz, 19in long.

That why I havent been on much and may be awhile before I can really get back in the grove. Will still be around though.

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She's Beautiful!

God Bless your little one and may she enjoy a long and happily fulfilled life!

BTW! Your expression says it all!

My best to you and your bride on this most wonderful event!

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congrats, shes a cuteeePDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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DUDE! ! ! ! !! ........been wondering where you been at..........she's a cutie all right........good thing she looks like her mom biggrin.gif

congrats dude..........
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Congrats cute bundle of joy
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Some guys have all the luck... congratulations my friend.
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Congrats Alan...she is adorable!!! Hope mom and baby are doing well.
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Congradualtions on the addition to your family.
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That's a cute little shaver you got there allen, besure to enjoy your new gift!
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Congrats, Cute all right. My next grandchild is due in july They grow so fast.
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Congrats on the little one....................Best of wishes and luck.................
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congratulations--those pics are better'n any qview
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Congrats ds on the new addition to the REAL family.
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Congrats on the new baby icon_smile.gif .
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The Future of Smoking

It's pretty clear that the future of smoking is insured. Looks like a little smoker to me. In twelve or thirteen years, that baby will be posting on this board. Maybe sooner.
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Congrats, my oldest at 6 is named abigail.
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congrats on the newbie to the family
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Thank you all.

Smoking is on hold right now. Working on about 4 hours of sleep a day for the last 4 days kinda makes it hard.

I did manage to get one last smoke in the weekend before but was so busy I didnt have time to take pics.

Smoked some hotdogs, 2 1/2" thick cut pork chops, country spares, about 10 of the chikcen rolls, 3 fatties, and 2 chubs of turkey burger.
Most was vacumed sealed and to be saved.
Now we can eat good with little to no prep time..biggrin.gif
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She'e so cute!! Well done Andy!
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Congrats!!! She is adorable!!
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