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welcome to smf, i gues it takes alot of smoked food to fill you up.
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Welcome. You could always just dig a whole to stand in while you smoke.PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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That's pretty good buddy.
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Finally made my decision!!!

I bought a Brinkman Smoke 'N Pit offset smoker last night. I've also ordered the H-burner conversion kit to convert it to gas. Plan on putting the smoker together tonight, and making some modifications before hopefully seasoning and the inaugural smoke this weekend.

From what I've read there are 4 fairly important mods to make to this smoker.

1. Extend the smokestack to the grate
2. Add a baffle
3. Seal the main smoke chamber
4. Add a couple of thermometers at the level of the grate

I think I've got a pretty good plan. I'll let you know how it goes!
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hawkeye.........before you put your smoker this thread......mite help you seal it up better
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updated to sealing project

Hawkeye smoker, i have updated the thread on my sealing project WD posted below. Had a little issuePDT_Armataz_01_04.gif .
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Welcome HawkeyeSmoker,

As you can see I am also an Iowegian and located just a couple of miles up the road from you. I'm from the other side of the tracks (the good side) than most of the other Iowans on here. It gives them someone to poke fun at. Although this year it was a little more difficult for them to do that. Oh well, Sticks & Stones.
I also have a Brinkman Smoke N Pit Professional but recently upgraded to a Stumps Elite 4. The Brinkman is old and starting to have problems with not sealing very well, but still works.

Besure to ask questions and sign up for Jeff's free smoking e-course. It has a lot of good information.
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Plan on course

Here are the mods I've made so far:

I added a baffle I made out of 22ml steel I found in the welding area at Menards. I was able to cut it with a tin snips and bend it with a hammer.

Bought a couple of new weels to replace the crappy ones that came in the box.

Plugged the holes for the warming rack with JB Weld, and used some steel pieces and JB Weld to cover the rotisserie cutouts.

I'm planning to stop by a muffler shop tonight to see if I can have them make me the piece to extend the stack to the grate.

Hopefully the gas coversion kit will arrive today or tomorow so I can get that done before Saturday.

Havin' lots of fun with this, can't wait to use it thisweekend...
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brain........let me know how the muffler place goes........i was thinking of the same thing myself
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