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Quality of Camp Chef Smoke Vault?

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I just bought a 24" Smoke Vault with SS door from a mail order place. When I un-boxed it, and opened the door I noticed a dent on the right front side of the body/frame severe enough to impede the door opening/closing. I called to return it and ordered another. Got the new one today... This one has the same thing! PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif This one on the left/front top. Neither have shipping damage (the boxes are fine)... they were packed this way.

So my question for any Smoke Vault owners is: Did you get a unit in good shape? ...or did you have "fix" them? I really want this smoker, but I wonder if it's worth the hassle to get another one. Very dissapointed so far.
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Seems as if it might be a frequent problem with sveral brands that are shipped. There is not enough care given when packing at the factory, they might not want to spend more $$$ on good packing material.
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Ask them if they wanna ship ANOTHER one... or refund ya 25% :{)
And can the whole shipping dep't.
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thats a dang good idea.

the packing IS kinda sad: 1 (one!) layer of cardboard at the corners, and a band of cardboard around the middle. That's it. icon_eek.gif
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I have an excellent relationship with Camp Chef as I help push the cast iron and dutch oven line. give me your personal info in a pm or off line and I will see if we can get this taken care of asap.
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I bought mine at Sportsman's Warehouse. The was no damage, but the first one had a problem with the burner and also the door did not line up well with the opening. They gladly exchanged it for me and the second one was in good shape. Once you get the right one, you'll be super happy!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Keith
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mine was just fine .its an awsome smoker i know of 5 others that were all nice. biggrin.gif
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I picked mine up at a local store but it was just fine when it came out of the box.
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now THAT what this site is ALL ABOUT..............

points for you dave
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PM sent. Thanks
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Update: Thank you ncdodave. I called and asked for the guy you directed me to. took a couple of days, but I finally got a call back (from someone else - apparently he just works in marketing) Anyway, once I got a call back (and was handed off to a "manager") they were VERY helpful and accommodating. He asked me to describe the problem, and said he'd look into what options he had available, and would call me back. Less than an hour later I had a call back. They're sending me a new 'body' (the only part that had any damage). There was no mention of shipping costs or anything PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifand since I haven't yet assembled it there is literally no downside to this solution for me. He promised to ship it tomorrow and said I should have it this coming Wed.

Basically, I'm very impressed. Outstanding customer service.
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