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Well I won't be up all night with this one. I cut it in half and have about 4lbs to smoke. I use Ma's Rub, Apple juice and Jack Daniel for the spray spray. Looks like you waxed it when you use the AppleJack.

Is the finishing sause for pulled or also for sliced which I plan to do.

Hope the q-view come out.

Will post more q-view when finished.

Must fire up the MES.
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I will be starting about 34 lbs friday night for a get together saturday, our own rub and sprayed every 2 hours with apple juice and jack daniels.

I'll try and get pics
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Looking good geob...keep us posted.

Good luck with yours too kurt!!!
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Well as it turned out, this was a all nighter after all. Long, slow but fun.
Finished about 4:00am this morning, wraped it up and put in a cooler. When I removed it at 11:30am it was still hot.
Had to wrap in in towels, can't use pillows here.

Finished q-view.


PS now to the italian sausage
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Good looking brisket geob!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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