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Wow! How do you find time? Kind of makes me proud to just live nearby down here in little ole Hampton. I am gonna have to pay a little closer attention and maybe swing by watch you put on a show in Tucker. Thanks for signing up and sharing. About the only thing that the folks at this site crave more than good food is good knowledge and good pictures.
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Glad you joined us, you come to us armed with the type of knowledge we all share interests in. Welcome to SMF !!!
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New to smokin'

Hi everyone, this forum looks fantastic. I have not yet bought, but am considering buying an MES 30" and get smoking this week. I just don't know where I can buy wood chips. I looked at some that say "For Charcoal and Gas Smokers", but can those still be used in Electric? Any tips or tricks for a beginner? I have only ever eaten smoked meats, never smoked myself. Thanks for your help, I look forward to smokin' and sharing advice, mostly I'll be asking for a while though!
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Welcome Geek. So, do you have any experience with food.
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eating, cooking or throwing?

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