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Bacon Cheese Burgers

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A recent post has had me wanting to try smoking these for a while now.
Tonight I got to try them out, they were delicious! I seasoned the meat with Jeff's rub then pattied them up, topped them off with a little cookies seasoning. Smoked the burgers, the bacon, some onions in a pan with some butter, had to throw some buffalo turds on there it all turned out great. Sorry no Qview the batteries in the camera were dead.icon_evil.gif I can't remember who's post it was but Thanks for the idea! Best of all start to finish it only took about an hour and a half, so there is always time to smoke something now. I will definatly be doing these again.
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I was thinking of trying these as well soon. They sound like they turned out great. Here is the original post from another cubs fan. Go Cubs Go!
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I made some a while back to and they were DEEELISH! Go Cubs!!!!!!!!! Wish ya had a Q-view
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last night I saw qview of stuffed shrimp and thought maybe this weekend. Now I am thinking maybe burgers or just maybe both.
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Thats one VERY tasty looking burger!!!!
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There they are, great lookin burgers Matt, I'll have some Qview next time.
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The only way to improve a burger that looks that good would be to eat it at Murphys Bleacher Bar outside the greatest ballpark in the world.GO CUBS!!
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Matt, that looks great!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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