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Sunday Smoke

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This was sunday smoke. Started at about noon went to about 4pm. 225-240 on GOSM BB. Did 13 flaties, I call them flaties because I take a chub of JD sausage and flaten out and then cut round flat patties out of it then stuff them with different stuff, the wife likes then this way. So that's that. Bacon wrapped Asparagus, Two and a half pounds of Elgin fresh sausage from Elgin TX, Dutch's WBB and some butterflied shrimp.

This is flaties



Everything was GREAT Thanks RC1800
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Nice job! Seems it was "sperry-goose" week. "Flattie" I like it! And tiger shrimp... yum. Good pix as well.
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Thanks Richtee and Ken. I could not have done it without this forum. The info here is outstanding. Thanks RC
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I have yet to try smokin shrimp but after these pics I think I know what I will smoke this weekend
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Mighty fine vittles you made there. Used to smoke shrimp in florida 30 plus years ago, they thought I was nuts, that is until they tried em!
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Thanks LC and Trav.
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You got me hungry... Is it lunch time yet?
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That's looks wonderful
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looks great! I like the flatties! Did your shrimp get rubbery from smokin?
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Mmmm, looks great RC!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Shell, no it did not I watch it real close. Thank you Cowgirl.
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flatties wow nice way to go rc thanks for the great qview got to make me some them thar patties
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Thanks Terry we enjoy them.
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Great looking grub......I like the new take on sausage patties or as you named them now flatties..............
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what is that on the shrimp? and how did they turn out. i have grilled shrimp, just never smoked em. what kind of wood did u use?
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I dip the shrimp in different rubs, watch them real close, they came out great. I used hickory.
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