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baby backs

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The store i work at part time has baby backs on sale for 1.99 lb i will buy a bunch. they look really good i made some of them before and they were mighty good.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That is a great price on BB's. Stock up!
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Wholy Pig!

Wholy Pig! That's a great deal. You better get a case at least! Is that for nice big "the reason why I love babybacks" babybacks? I've had a brand called "Danish Ribs" that came by the case at a Kroger store before that were real cheap like that but they were thinner, smaller ribs.
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good deal, hope ypu enjoy.
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wow bigtime cheap eats.

cant wait to give Ribs a try in the smoker - good excuse to invite ppl over im sure

meandmytwodogs how do ur two dogs get along ? were they raised together so there pretty tight? they look so cool.
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What store moght that be sir????
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