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Hot pepper people...

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What is (name) the HOTTEST pepper you have ever eaten?
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Hab. Ouchie!
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Habanera, kinda liked it but my lower half did not.....
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Hab of course

but here is a link to the 'CURRENT' record holder as the worlds hottest pepper
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made a terrible mistake of biteing off the end of a scotch bonnet on dare-I have had habs-and real small red 1s-not sure what they were called but awful hot.
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I have eaten Chocolate Habanero's, Scotch Bonnett (my Fav.) pequins (peri peri from Africa, makes awesome hot sauce) and Red Savina Habanero peppers. My favorite all time is the Scotch Bonnett. a fruity flavor with good heat. I love different pepper variety's for their individual flavors and the heat but not just for heat. That's why I will never win a sanctioned chili cook off. I wont (I REFUSE) to ruin good food just to blow your head off of your shoulders. I have tasted chili that blows the winning chili out of the water with 1/4 the spiciness but 10 times the flavor.
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I wonder the use for the "Dave's Insanity" ilk of sauces myself. I mean I like hot, but it needs to offer something more than that.
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It's good for cleaning concrete. Says so on the bottle. PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif
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i totally agree dave........went to a supper bowl party and this idiot brought chili that was SO hot, outta 30 people, only 3 could eat it..........and he was strutting like he was **** of the walk..........i went up and told what, its hot........but looks like most of it will go to waste..........

i want heat WITH FLAVOR, as you said........or better yet.........flavor with some heat..........but that to tell that to this bonehead at the party......bah!

but most agreed with me.......what is the point of having a pot of chili NO ONE COULD EAT?????.........silly man
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Bhut Jolokia - hottest pepper in the world! It has a great flavor initially almost like a celery flavor, but then BAM! Hubby dried them and used as a powder. It's really too hot to use raw. Maybe a sliver in a big pot of chili. Here's where I get my chiles.
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Nice info. Thanks to all.
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