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Sausage Stuffers

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Well I have gone and probably done what will end up being the dumbest thing I've ever done. I bought 4 F Dick 30 pound stuffers off Ebay, in order to end up with one for me. Now I need to sell the other 3 ,else my better half disowns me or worsePDT_Armataz_01_36.gif. Anyway, I would like to offer the rest to the fine folks around here for what I have into them first. PM me for details.
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boy mule..........wish i had the bucks......i would be ALL over it...........

nice get a discount for buy FOUR at a time?
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Stuffer's the way to go folks. I dunno the brand/type but I doubt Mule would go wrong.
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F. Dick is a HECK of a stuffer.............good deal there
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F Dickis the cat's meow, Congrats mulepackin !!!
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MP-I sent ya a PM.
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Heres a few pics of three of the stuffers for those that have asked. I have one torn apart and cleaning it up. I included a picture of the gears just because I was so impressed with them and how heavily built these things are (okay a little bit of a sales pitch). One of the stuffers is the slightly older style, I may keep it for myself as its even heavier than the others. Thanks for looking and all the inquiries.
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Heres a pic of the one I cleaned, dismantled, and polished up. I stripped and repainted the gearbox and crank, and relubed with food grade grease. Sort of a general restoration. I will probably sell this one, as I'm pretty sure I'll be keeping the older style one.
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Damn nice looking stuffers......Also nice restoration on the one..............I would love to have on like that, but I think a 30 pound is a little to big for me........But good luck on selling them, I hope they will find homes with some of the members here......................
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I hope i am not just blind and missed your post on cost. How much for the unit??

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Ummmm Sparky...the post was from 3+ years ago.



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Craig it's just another Newbie that doesn't know how to read post dates or post in Roll Call on their first post.

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I just got all excited. Man the sausage i could make with one of them. I better look at the dates from now on.

Thank you for the reply

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Head on over to roll call and introduce yourself please..



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wow 3 years old

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