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fig / I will have to try and find some, thanks.
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I did alot of looking to find this, but here it is.Why fig wood is so hard to find i'll never know. Might be a seasonal thing.
This place offers it, but is currently out of stock.

Anyone else have any luck?
I sent them an e-mail to let me know if/when they will have some available. I'll let yall know.
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Sorry yall, i tried. This is the response that i recieved:


No Fig at this time, always on the look-out for some though.

Santa Clara Valley

I'll keep looking
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Fig huh? Go figure. (Pun intended) I got two little clumps of Fig right outside of my window, maybe eight inches at the base but grows more like a large bush with multiple limbs. I dont know the exact species, I am 20 plus years out of my last dendrology class. The stuff goes thru a stage when it smells like cat urine, catch me about then and I might pay you to remove it! Chipper and bag it huh? Fair thought, buddy has like a 20" chipper that wouldn't even slow down on something that small but I would think that the chips would be too small. (Kind of strings some types of woods)

I have given a little thought to propagating by cuttings these trees for the fruit (Not that these are really great producers and kepping the birds away is impossible) But, if the wood has value I may try it sooner. I think that the wood produced would be more like sticks and limbs because there isn't much of a trunk on these trees. I generally don't like to use much bark for smoke making, but hey, I haven't tried to smoke with Fig, Yet!
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is THIS big enuff of a fig tree?

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as you can see........they can get QUIT large

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I couldn't use all of that wood in my lifetime for just smoke flavoring!
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nope, but you would never have to worry bout ever finding it
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all the mesquite, pecan, oak and cherry I have been choppin down now to find this dang fig tree. my wife says I am an eco terrorist when she see me load the chain saw and macettes up..
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