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complete and totally new at this

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Our city is hosting a KCBS event in June. So I went to a class and learned
how to judge meat.
So now I want to learn to cook.
I don't own any thing but a gas grill. so any advice is good.
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Kendall, welcome to the forum!! I don't believe KCBS allows the use of gas at their events. Not sure if that was going to be one of your questions or not. You can use gas to start your fire but it cannot be the primary source of heat to cook with. If you want to learn to smoke meat take Jeff's 5-day course as a start. Buy a inexpensive smoker unless you want to and have the means to buy something really nice. Read more on this forum and ask questions when something doesn't make sense. There is so much to learn about smoking meat that no one could tell you all you needed to know in one post. You'll find tons of info on this forum....
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Welcome Kendall,

If you are just starting out, you need to sign up for the 5 day ecourse. It's very helpful, and it's free.
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read a lot of these threads. u will learn a lot. then look at some of the pics, that will seal it. u will be smokin tomorrow. best way to learn is to practice.icon_smile.gif
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We all started somewhere. I may get banned from this site for saying this but I would start with a gas or electric smoker. The heat is easy to maintain so you can concentrate on the meat rather then temperature maintenance. I used an electric for years and still do along with my charcoal smoker. Once you are used to the cooking process, have some recipes down pat, and feel comfortable with a smoker get a charcoal/woodburner and progress to the next stage in your developement.

The recipes on this site and methods described are incredible. Get Jeff's rub and bbq sauce recipe and sign up for his smoking course.

Read read and read some more on this site. Ask questions even if you think they maybe silly. You will get a good answer.

Just don't ask how much time it takes to cook something. RichT may get his underwear twisted. icon_lol.gif Ask what temp to take food to instead. The temp matters not the time.

I hope this helps.
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My advice is to check craigslist in your area. If it's active, there are several smokers posted a week. Pick out one for $25 or less and go to it. That way, you have money left for butts. Pretty much any ecb or offset like a SnP is a good way to start. If the one you find is gas or electric, go for it. Though I like charcoal best, my first brisket showed me why a electric or gas unit has it's uses.

Jump in head first and have fun.
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thank you,thank you
it will be a long time before I will be competitive.....anything I do now will
be for family........but man, what we had sure was good.
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Hey Kendall and welcome to the SMF. At least by taking the judging class you'll have first hand knowledge how it should turn out. You'll have a lot of fun learning, reading and posting here. And we love Q-VIEW!

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You got a boatload of good advice there Ken.

Only thing I can add is WELCOME to SMF!
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Welcome aboard, glad to have ya! Just ask all the questions you wan't, lots of fine folks here who can give you answers!
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Welcome to the forum. You will learn alot here quickly. Alot of fantastic people here. The best advise I can give you, is Thin Blue Smoke.
Ask if you have any questions.
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Welcome to the site..........Great site here...............
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