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My deal with cowboy is that one bag i found pieces of 1x2 and pieces of wainscott molding. It did seem to burn quicker than the oak does.

Now just to confuse the issue i have found this stuff. Haven't tried it yet, planning to get some this weekend and give it a shot.

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Its hard to find good lump charcoal in my area. Mostly Cowboy. I haven't found Royal Oak in any of the local Wal-Marts. They have the Royal Oak briquetts, but not lump. I'll check again this season. Stop & Shop carries Kingsford Lump, another local grocery chain carries Duraflame Lump. The further north away from Boston I go I can find Wicked Good Weekend Warrior, but thats about $11 for 10lb. Today I found some BGE lump in Nashua NH. Picked up 2 20lb bags for $17.95 each. I can have Wicked Good shipped for about $54 for 3 20lb bags.

When I can't find BGE I'll use Milazzo/Qik Joe lump. Its about $16 for a 20lb bag.
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I use Lazzari here in central Ca. Its a challenge to find the royal oak lump, which is my favorite. Don't ask me to even touch a bag of Kingsford lump or briquettes. They make the stuff burn so fast that you need almost 1 1/2 to 2 times as much to cook what should only take a reasonable amount, including Dutch oven cooking with briquettes.

Lazzari is mesquite and burns well with a little popping at start up but it burns hot and long for me. So does the Royal oak which is my preference. Wally World around here does not carry the Royal oak and its to bad 'cause I burn over 2,000 pounds a year of royal oak briquettes and I go to Oregon to get it at a better price. I guess I'll have to get a bigger truck for another ton if lump.
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I use Royal Oak and I get it from Walmart.
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If you look on the bag It will tell you the country of origin. I was shocked when I checked my last bag and found out it was from praguary with a low ratting for burn time and a high ash. I wondered why it did not preform as other Royal Oak that I have used. I guess it is cheaper for them to get it from off shore of the USA
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I use Humphreys in my off sets... It has real high ash.... good heat tho... will not put it in the UDS ... too ashy... would get on food...

I tend to open firebox lid before opening the smoke chamber lid to keep the ash from getting sucked into the smoke chamber...

Plus i get it for 10 bucks for 20 Lb bag... at a beer store...
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I'm saying a 5 Lb bag of Cowboy is larger than one of Royal. IF Vac-packed anyway ;{)
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I have searched high and low for Royal Oak lump. Cant find it anywhere. I found Royal Oak charcoal brickets at Walmart, but its just the plain charcoal like Kingsford sells. No lump. I've been using the Krogers brand lump with good results. Its about $6 for a 10lb bag. It burns real hot with little ash. I really like it.
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I've heard very good things about Wicked Good, please post your results!
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Will do, have to admit i'm intrigued by the idea of natural hardwood briqs. May get a bag of briqs and one of thier lump. Can try a copmparison.
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I use Royal Oak. And I always make sure it says "Made in the USA".

Great product and for just over $5 a 10# bag, very affordable.

(I understand that Big Green Egg lump is Royal Oak in the BGE package and with a lot higher price tag).

BTW, if you want a wealth of info on lump charcoal, try here:
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I don't know if you have a " Menards" in your area, but they also sell Royal Oak!

How does any company make a "natural" briquette? Is that even possible!biggrin.gif
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Earlier someone said, "In Omaha you should be able to get Best Choice Lump which is Associated Wholesale Grocers (Kansas City, KS) own brand."

I would love to pay $4 for 10# bag, currently, cheapest I can find is
$5.27 for 10# of Royal Oak @ Walmart...and I hate Walmart.

Anyone in Omaha, Bellevue, Council Bluffs, or Western NE know where I can get the cheapest lump charcoal? I want to pay the least possible for my fuel and again, I hate Walmart. Would like to give someone else my money, but if they're the cheapest, hell I'm broke so I don't have a choice.
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I use Ozark Oak. The best around. I also use Royal Oak if I am at walmart and don't want to go anywhere else. Both seem to work great.
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Royal Oak Worked Well

First off I agree. Buying anything from Wal-Mart sux. I did however go there and bought two bags of the Royal Oak lump. The pieces that came out of the two bags I used last weekend were mostly nice big pieces with not a lot of dust at the bottom. The price was reasonable at $5.27 for 10lbs and it really burned well. Instead of adding coal every 30 min like I used to with Cowboy Brand, I was only adding coal every hour and a half or so. There was not significant sparking when new coals were added wich is also a plus. I have made the switch and will continue to use the R.O. but will probably try to find a different place to get it. Wal-Mart is just such a pain when I only want one thing. It cracks me up though, where else can I go at 1:00 a.m and get lump, a trolling motor battery, groceries, and fishing tackle (including crawlers) all in one place? Oh, but it doesn't matter what time it is, there's always a long line at check out.
Smoke On
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I use Green egg it lites quickly for me and has a pleasant smell.The big downside is the price 20$ for a 20#bag lol.Ive tried cow boy didnt care fore it along with best of the west & bbg galore they spark to much.I have a hard time finding lump in so cal i get my wood and lump from bbq galore.Maybe i will mustar up enough courage to go to wally world but i hate that store.Some times it seams you need an armed escort and a translator just to shop there. So i avoid that place like the plague
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Gabriel - not from Omaha but used to live there -

try SUPER SAVER on s. 144TH ST. I think they are part of that group
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I went to GFS and they had 5 bags from Paraguay and one from the US. I lost about 50 cents not buying it at WallyMart but I was there so.

I just put some pulled pork on a corn tortilla and topped it with cheese, japs and onions. Yummy. Yesterday put some pulled pork in sauerkraut balls.

Two roasts is toooooo much around here. I'll put some in the cat food tomorrow!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I found 20# bags of royal oak @ gfs around here in ohio. Cowboy brand does suck.
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