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Hello, from Meridian, MS.

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Been reading on the forum and decided to join. First off, thanks for the great reading and ideas.
I have been using a smoker for about 15-20 years off and on. I have had charcoal, Propane and now a Masterbuilt Electric. MES. So far so good, I enjoy it.

I am 45 years old, Natural gas service man for 23 years. Love my street bike. 4 wheelers and always a good cold bud light. I have 2 girls that are the pride of my life.
If anybody need natural gas advise or help. send me a line. I can give you orifice sizes, lp to nat. conversions or just about any thing else gas related.
I have smoked 4 racks of ribs, deer sausage, pork butt, sirloin roast and 4 potatos on the MES.
I did the spuds today with ribs. Both were great. A first for the potatos and it will happen again. They were great. everybody loved them.
Thanks again for the tips and reading

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Thanks go to you for joining in with us, all the information we can get helps us all.... so thank you and welcome to SMF !!!

Also, I am positive your experience with gas is going to be very helpfull to many. By the way, does Beano really work?
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LOL Mossy-cork it! Welcome to the site Buddy glad u found us. alot of gassers in here and are always looking for answers to there probs. sounds like u gonna be a big help in here. love smoked taters
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Welcome to SMF oxford...I prefer to keep my gas issues to myself but thanks for the offer (you so set yourself up for that one). If I find a gaseous moment i will be sure to consult you. All kidding aside, welcome aboard...you have found the epitome of meat smoking knowledge!!icon_eek.gif
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Take a beano now and there will be no later... unless u are full oficon_lol.gif . J/K. all in fun.
Just trying to find out if many smoke a T-bone, ribeye or strip( my favorite). I have to find something to eat with my next tater.
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welcome to smf, great site
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Welcome! You'll find a lot of great people here who have a wealth of knowledge. They are invaluable. Glad you joined us.

As far as smoking individual t-bones, ribeyes and strips, I don't see that much but I'm sure it can be done with the help of an internal thermometer. If I'm wanting to add some smoke flavor to mine, I'll use my gas grill and throw a piece of hickory off to the side. It adds a nice touch of smoke to the steak.

As far as a whole prime rib, check out the "beef" section. There are quite a few posts there and they all look delicious.

Welcome to the site!
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Welcome Ox, glad to have you here.
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Welcome to the forum Buddy, glad to have you here.smile.gif
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Glad to see another from Ms. I live in Magnolia just a bit south of ya.
Know you will add a lot of info to all of us.



PS: I love the Harley shop there but kinda hard to get to.
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Glad to have you with us Oxford....Enjoy your time here.
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welcome to smf, how did you fix your potatos
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Welcome aboard, glad to have ya! Not sure if I wan't somebody tellin me bout my orfice and how to convert it!

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Looks like you have a 5 lb vertical stuffer...sounds like your orifice has already been adjusted
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Hahaha, thats a good one there gas man! Welcome to the site. We all have a wonderful time here, you will too, no doubt!

I have been known to enjoy a we bit O ribeye!

No steak sauce needed!

Again, welcome to SMF!icon_smile.gif
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washed 4 spuds, poked a few holes, rubbed with olive oil and salted. about 3 hours on smoker.....great side.. Cook until you can squeeze them. Enjoy
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Welcome to the smf..........Great place here and great info and people too..........
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Welcome Oxford,
I'm south of you in Vancleave. Great forum as you already know. Been lots of help to me. So much help I've had to start cutting back due to weight gain.
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welcome, I have to ask about your screen name, Oxford MS native? I lived there for quite a while.
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Yep..Hoddy Toddy
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