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2nd fatty, better than the 1st

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I did a huge smoke for Easter today. I already posted in the "beef" section but wanted to post about my fatty here so it doesn't get missed.

I did a fatty about a month ago with JC Potter sausage and bacon, onion and cheese. I wasn't impressed with the flavor so thought I'd give it another try. This time I stuck with the Jimmy Dean original stuffed with bacon, egg, onion, hashbrowns and cheese. MUCH BETTER! I really enjoyed this one.

I'm considering doing a pizza fatty soon with the sausage, marinara sauce, cheese and maybe some pepperoni.

Here's a few pics of todays breakfast fatty. It's not the prettiest thing but it sure tasted good.
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congrats on the fatty. I have smoked several fattys and do something different everytime.expirmenting is the best experince.
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Looks good to me PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif.

I tend to roll mine a little thicker, but i get my sausage meat from the meat counter at a local store. I pay around $1.50 to $1.89 per lb depending on the deal of the week.

LC is right too, experimentation is good. I done a ground chuck fatty filled with blue cheese, bacon and chipotle peppers, that was awesomeicon_eek.gif.
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That looks great, nice ring seems like it held together well plus it tasted good. Sounds and looks like a sucess wink.gif .
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GT, don't be so hard on yourself. I think that thing looks great. icon_biggrin.gif Wish I could have a piece.
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Dumb question but did you cook the egg before putting it into the sausage?
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Nice fatty, just remember, they quickly become addictive!
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Yep, cooked the bacon, egg, onion and hashbrowns the night before.

You're right Travco, I often find myself wondering what's going to go in the next one.

Take care, Greg
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They only get better and better greg...the posibilities are endless. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Great looking fatty.....Glad it turned out better for you this go around.......I love fatties............I have found the farmland sausage to be really tasty too............
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