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Easter Turkey

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I'll join the turkey parade.
I thought this forum knew about pork and beef! they kick butt on turkey also.
I brined in salt and sugar overnight. I used the turkey frier hanger to keep her vertical, wired her legs up with SS safety wire. Spryed her down w/ apple juice and Capt Morgan 75%-25%.
Put her on the GOSM @ 7:00am. cherry, pecan and a little hickory. Smoker was running alittle hot, 250ish. Got her off when she hit 170 in the breast.
Rested in a towel for 2 hours and sliced. I had to stop eating scraps to write this. My son is all over me for the scraps, I can't make soup out of whats left of the bones.
Its so good. Thanks for all the info.
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Looks great, I love smoked turkey, I am unfortunally smoke free this easter...icon_cry.gif In laws...PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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Nice! Mine is still going. Hoping it will be out in the next hour. Your's is making me very hungry PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif.

Turkey for Easter is a good change of pace.
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