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Ribs & Beans

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Did some ribs and wicked beans yesterday. Smoked the ribs for 8 hours with apple wood chips. Fell off the bone when we ate them, mmmmm. For some reason there is never any left overs when I do ribs. And also did the famous wicked beans for the first time. They are very good. I am doing a brisket today, will have that and the rest of the beans tonight. Can't wait.
I am not sure which way to cut the brisket with grain or against it.
Not even sure I can tell which way the grain is going.......any help is welcome.
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Against, always against. The grain refers to the direction the muscle fibers in the meat are pointing, similar to wood. if you cut the meat along the grain, you will be sitting there like a bunch of cows chewing their cud, cut against the grain and you will be greatly rewarded. then again, if you get the temp high enough on that brisket, you could always pull it. then ya don't needa worry about which way to cut. icon_cool.gif
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I'm going to have to try Dutch's beans! I just love beans even though they have "wicked" after effects!

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Hey thanks alot that picture will help a bunch
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Great photo illustration..... things like that help more of us then you will ever know, Thanks !!!
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Way to go with the "crud sample " Tex!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Nice info to have!

Basman, they are not that wicked, leave out or use less of the japs.
The bean recipe is awesome. I love it myself, definately want to do them in the smoke though!
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