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home depot deal

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at my local home depot--charmglow remote thermometers--$14.99...already had one and loved it..what a deal...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That's a great price! I think if I bring home anymore stuff for smoking, I may have to move into the garage PDT_Armataz_01_16.gif . Keith
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the charmglow seems 100 ft range, have tested 50ft and worked fine--in the house through walls and a closed door, i might add.
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Good price. Wally World has one about the same price. Wish I could remember the name. But I've got one and it works pretty well. Also has a timer and small light. The temps can be adjusted up to about 400*. So it could also be used to monitor the smoke chamber from inside.
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If you look at the back of the charmglows, you'll see who actually makes them!wink.gif
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that sounds like the one I just got yesterday! Glad to hear it's a good value. I did the boiling water test and it was within an acceptable tolerance.
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i bought one of the regular 'stem' variety. first smoke, it choked. tossed it away. couldnt read it from the smoke stuck to the viewer part, and it was not moving off zero anyway. worst 14.99 i ever spent. then, i got one from meadow creek, for 30 bucks, works great!'
lesson learned. dont leave the stem variety in the meat, just stab it every so often(using an alcohol swab for sanitation, of course), which will kill the smoker, so that is a bad idea too. man, 'it aint rocket science, but it sure is close"
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I got 2 for $20

One was smashed, but HD gave it to me for $5 so I got 2 new 6 foot probes plus one trasmitter and reciever for $20,

Very happy:-)

PS, step on one and you could get the same deal!!!!, just kidding:-)
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