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1st Ever Smoke w/Qview

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Total newbie to smoking talked to Flash and he said even a dummy like you can't mess up chicken quarters so start with them biggrin.gif
Rubbed the quarters with mustard then Grill Mates chicken rub

Had the smoker ready

In they went

Mopped every hour after the first 1 1/2 hours with Garlic flavored olive oil
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Pulled at 165 and heres how it looked

Put it on the grill to crisp the skin and finish cooking

It kept flaring up big time so heated the oven to 350 and finished it that way and heres how it came out

Was very good wife and daughter enjoyed it thanks Flash
Ribs are next but tomorrow its fishing then fried turkey
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looks good. I think you could have skipped the grill and the oven if you smoked them at 325+. the skin would crisp and they would still have smoke flavor. poultry is very different than red meat so it does not benifit from low and slow like cow or even pork does.
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Congratulations on the first smoke, look like mighty tastey vittles! I think you'll like that GOSM. Same one I've got and been very happy with it, I did make a couple of mods to mine though. Keep up the good work!
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Good looking chicken.
Haven't done parts yet. Nice idea.
I give you about a month before that GOSM looks all slopped up.
Remember, that grease that drips down the legs is a little bit of food history.
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Looks great, congrats and good luck in your new adventures.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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