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Picked up new cooker today!

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Picked up my new cooker today and wanted to show it off. One pic was taken in the shade so it's dark ......
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well the wheels and the propane tanks look good!PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif ,,Put that bad boy in the sun and let us oogle it fer awhile!

Congrats on the cooker. Looks like a nice one. I bet you are excited about firin it up!
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Congrats !!!
I like the look, what brand is it?
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It's a custom made cooker by a semi-local guy. I had to drive about 2 hours to get it. The guy who made it is Russell Wright from
Ridgeway, SC. It will cook with gas, charcoal or wood.
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Very cool setup, gooose! Do you have an inaugural meal you'll smoke, in mind?" Get that seasoned and happy smoking!!! icon_biggrin.gif
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Great looking rig

Nice looking smoker you got there goose. I bet that will have some mighty fine smokes coming out of it.

Congrats and Happy Smokin

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Nice lookin rig ya got there!!! whats her name?? now get her fired up and lets see some mega qview off of her....
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Making gas line more permanent

Would anyone know.....what size pipe I would need to go from the standard rubber hoses? Want to make this more of a permanent setup with a tee coming off the two bottles into the cooker and the two fish cookers. Would it be the same size as the rubber hose?
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That's a great looking smoker!  How do I contact Russell Wright?

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