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Need Ideas

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Hey all,
Firstly I have a brinkmann Grillking and I also have the brinkmann vertical smoker(square kind) Now my ex father in law is a fabricator and I was thinking about trying to join them together to make 1 big smoker/charcoaler. What i was thinking was to cut a hole in the bottom of the grill king and place the vert smoker on its side and cut the side off and weld it under the grillking. Would this work or even remotely possible? As I said I am learning and not sure if it would work. So please all the pros any ideas/advice is greatly appreciated.

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I'm not exactly a pro but would put this question out there - what exactly are you wanting to end up with.

I looked up the models you have and am a little puzzled. Would you use the old vert as a new firebox ?
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mick we have alot of fabricators in here -you gonna get some feed back-just wait.
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aussie, am trying to picture what you are trying to do but it just dont seem right with layin that smoker on the side and mounting below. not unless just using it for a firebox to supply smoke/heat to grill. how about fabricating a base, mobile or not-your choice, and have the smoker in vertical posistion as intended so it is on one end of the grill and rises above. conect with say a duct and use the grill to generate smoke /heat
for the smoker, or use grill as it was designed. could easily separate again and with the minimal intrusion for the duct both units be pretty well still intact and easy enuff to use as original design. just have to make sure base designed to keep the thing from tipping over as the extra weight on one end and the higher center of gravity would make it tippy if it would let alone stand. not sure maybe you have something totally different in mind.
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I was thinking that using the vert smoker as a new bigger firebox under the grillking.Then redoing the grates in the vert smoker to be horizontol again.

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