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Swamp Sauce

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anybody using or used the stuff before ? come's outta s/c my buddy brought me home some from his last truckin trip . i stuck my finger in it
and pulled out just a bone ???.....lol kidding it taste's pretty good but it has a " strange " i dont know what to call it flavored after-taste ?? i read throught the ingrede's and found nothing i could even point a finger at aside of " tamarind " wich i do not remember leaving such a taste before ?
maybe just cause what it's mixed with i dunno . i'd like some input on smoking with this swamp sauce if anyone has any pleasesmile.gif
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sorry never heard of it.SC moonshine ya-pulled a boner with that stuff!
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ha haaa dl if it was shine i'de a went blind...lol been there they told me it was homemade fruit wine....woke up next mornin felt like a back-hoe bucket was ringin in my head......
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I'm familiar with it and agree that there is an "odd" after taste. It may very well be the tamarind. I do like it but personally opt for Bone Suckin Sauce when I use anything commercially prepared.
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