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Smoke a fresh ham

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Has anyone simply smoked a fresh ham without curing it? I think I would like to try that before going through all the work of curing one. Seems to me that it would still be very good even though it wasn't cured. Figured I'd ask here first to see if anyone has done it. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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i know plenty of here have stick around......i KNOW a answer will be on its way
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Yea just do it like any pork roast.

Nothin like 20lbs of Pulled pork!
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if it's already cooked won't take as long as a roast-and if a store bought sprial sliced drive a 1/4 in. dowel through the slices to keep them from unraveling while it's cooking-wait till couple hours till done to glaze if your 2 yen worth
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Like Glue says it ain't ham if it ain't cured. Helluva roast tho. Lots o gelatin if ya leave the skin on.
Will remember Q-view of my almost 2 month long country ham curing project due to table top Easter aftenoon.
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Yep, if it's not cured, treat it like a pork roast.
Also, if you want to "cold" smoke a ham, it has to be cured first....if you hot smoke it, you do not have to cure.
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rich.........gotta link for that.......

and DON"T FORGET Q-VIEW!!!!!!!!
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sorry I totaly missed the fresh part of that thread-if you hot smoke it make sure u keep moisture in there-It can dry out fairly easy.
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I bought a fresh ham this morning.
I use the skin to make dog treats.

I separated this one to cure 1 chunk for buckboard/Canadian Bacon hybrid and the other for deli sliced ham..

I'll just roast the leg bone for a big Fred Flintstone snack.biggrin.gif

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Soo way back part of the "Pig Party" thread.
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