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Easter Dinner

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Just started a 12.5 boston butt (cut in two), which will be pulled and reheated Sunday for Easter Dinner. Got the pork at Sams Club. Coated it with mustard and rubbed it with a the Barbecue Bible's Basic BBQ Rub (brown sugar, salt, paprika, garlic, black pepper, celery seed and substituted Smitty 6-15 for the Cayenne and added a little cajun spice). Finished results to come.

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Bert, they sure look good so far. Looking forward to your finished pictures.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Lookin good, keep us posted!
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Thanks. Finally got the temp consistent at about 220 (pork is at 137). This is the warmest day I have smoked on it kept creeping up then I'd adjust and it would go down to 200. Think I'm good for the long haul now.
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Looks great bert...icon_eek.gif Now I am getting hungry.

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Looks good Bert! I'm thinking alot of butts this easter.
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Just off the smoker at 188. I sliced a little piece w/ bark to sample before I wrapped in foil. I'll have to stay up a while to pull it but man was it good.

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looks good buddy, I will be over after mom's.
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Looks Great! Just the way I like it, Ready to eat.

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