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im sure glad today is the start of spring! - Page 2

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These are going on tomorrow morning. We're expected to get some weather as well so I'll be using sand in place of water.

One has been injected and marinated in Mojo and the other in Italian dressing. Then, Jeff's rub went on:

Wrapped and ready to go.....
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so the sand...do you just use regular play sand?

does walmart have any sand out yet?
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Yeah, just play box sand. I get it at Home Depot. Makes a world of difference in cold weather. Plus, you don't have to worry about filling up the water through the day or erratic temps.

It makes a smoke sooooo much easier in colder weather and temps are very constant.If you drop, it will be gradual as well.

If you use it, just put some foil on top so that you can re use it if need be.
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About 25 degrees and blowing snow today. It started snowing about 11 am, its almost 4 now, we have 4-5 inches already. Sposed to get up to 8. Schools sent kids home early, and my wifes work( doctors office) is closing 3 hrs early!
Glad I covered up the Lang yesterday along with my wood pile. I am good to go for tomarrow............after I shovel a path!icon_rolleyes.gif
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I'm glad it's spring too!

Here's a pic of the day the ice storm Swept Oklahoma.

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Hey Glued, that really redefines "cold smoking"
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Second day of spring in Chicago. What a wonderful site (NOT)! So far only 6 inches here.

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I just checked the plum tree and grass and didn't see any of that white suff on anything.confused.gif

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Yeah, just take a broom and a bucket, huge piles of it all over the parking lot!

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I could go down to the lake.....wink.gif
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about 7 inches on the ground now at 6 pm, interstates have so many accidents they are closing some of them. This is cutting into my "spring time fun"!
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First day of spring ??

We got about 8 inches of snow here today in Minnesnowta. It shouldn't last long though. Temps in the 40's next week. icon_biggrin.gif

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-20 celcius wind chill blowing at 50 kph for my American friends that F***ING COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

welcome to spring in Canada eh :-)
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SLAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
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nice warm day in kansas tied the smoker down small wind guests 40 to 45 mph great day to smoke even better to grill coals get hot fast with a little extra draftrolleyes.gif
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Sunny and 72 here today. Unbelieveable day. Still 69 degrees.
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For all those of you posting the really nice weather, don't take this wrong or personally, remember, have a sense of humor:

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here in Tucson you could moon and not be cold Trav. by the way almost a full moon here-if your clouds allow?
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Not here, it's cold, it's rainy and tryin real hard to snow, hopefully it will miss us again. Don't know what tomorrow is gonna bring, but I'm smokin chickens and turkey legs anyway!

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