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im sure glad today is the start of spring!

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First day of spring...and we may get 15 inches of SNOW!!!!

Im going to smoke that butt...snow or no snow!PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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Low sixties here with north winds. Two seven pound butts to go on later for a late niter. Good eats tomorrow for sure. I reckon it'll be like an Easter ham or something.
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Not rubing it in but mid 70's and ribs St. Lou style for dinner.
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as long as i can keep the 25 mph wind from putting out my gas fire...Im going to smoke a butt!!!!
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Here in KS 25mph is a calm day. Todays wind is supposed to be 15-25.
You can do it!
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What kind of guy would I be if I let a little 15 inch snowstorm stop me?!?!?!rolleyes.gif
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The grounhog saw his shadow so... 6 more months of winter here in Canada. Just kidding, Gonna fire up the fridge smoker i've been working on for a bit of a party. Try to get pictures but i still can't really figure out how to use this site properly.
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what do you mean?...oh you mean how to post pics on here?

best way I have found is to go to photobucket.com...and put your pics in there..then just copy them to here
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It's 34* right now and the snow has missed us so far, they were talkin 3 or 4 inchs of slop snow, don't need it, don't wan't it! Glad it's been warmer though, now when it dries up some, can get out and get the place cleaned up from winter!
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That was my plan for today as well..til this white stuff decided to dump on us
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Good luck gether. Just put on 2 butts myself. Luckily it is supposed to be in the low 60's and sunny here. icon_biggrin.gif
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We got a snow Day
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i wasent planning on doing the butt til later tonight...but I did want to do a fatty today
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Net: know what you mean, planned on workin out on the deck today, wanted to put a new table on the horizontal cooker, put down some patio block on the deck cook station and maybe smoke a fatty. But it is raining (not complainin, least its not snow!) so, might just get the fatty done and work in the office today. Guess there's next weekend for the fun projects!
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rubbing a butt (for pulling) a tenderloin to slice & freeze-couple chops to freeze & another chunk of that brisket.Gumbo for Easter-Yea! low 80'S here. I sure hope to see your weather get better. it has been a long 1 for you-all.
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I just keep reminding myself its spring......icon_mrgreen.gif

This is a pain in the BUTT.....I really do not want to let mother nature win thisone...lol

Having trouble keeping temps steady...don't understand why...its only blowing 25-30 mph

Is a fatty done at 170 degrees?..or should I take it higher?
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Net: 160* to 165* for pork fatty's and about 170* degree's for beef fatty's, what I run anyways! Good luck!
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Man, sounds like there is some serious smoking going on across the country today. Desert, think I am coming to your place since my butts are for Sunday, what time is dinner?icon_wink.gif
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Can't wait to hear how it comes out for you. Good luck!smile.gif
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Have I mentioned...how much I love the cold blowing snow...with 25-35 mph winds...its great for keeping that temp up on the smoker...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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