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Hi to everyone. I am from Oklahoma. If your wondering about the name yes I am an expat Aussie living in Ok. I am new to smoking meats etc. My first few attempts failed miserably but I haven't given up just yet. The smoker I have right now is the vertical brinkmann not the round one but square one.

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Again welcome to SMF Mick. We'll have that puppy turning out Q soooo good you'll be calling yourself an Oklahoman before long ;{)
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welcome Mick-bbChris is gonna be tickled another down under in here-do the e course will steer u in the right direction. glad u found us.
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Thanks for the welcome guys.. So far it seems the part that is kicking my butt is not being able to keep heat in the bloody thing, also and I can't get victoria bitter here.

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Welcome to the SMF.
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Try a Sam Adams. Bitter as 'ell!
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welcome mic, thanks for your quick response about your smoker. Ever here the song ...........Well Im proud to be an okie from ol sydney???????????????
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Hang in there mick ya cheeky will be turning out great Q in no time at all!!!
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Welcome aboard, glad to have ya! Ask questions, lots of good people on here with a load of great knowledge willin to share!
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Welcome to the smf mick, and yeah as everbody says, hang in there. You're in good hands here. I'd been smoking for three years, learning by trail and error, (more error) Learnt a lot here....... things have improved greatly in just a few weeks.

If you want an easy project try doing a fatty. They are AWESOME PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Know what you mean about beer. Although i can find some british beers here !!
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Welcome aboard...we all started from somewhere, with the help of the members here you will be a Q pro soon.
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Happy days are here at the SMF, glad you're part of the whole thing.
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Welcome to the site .................Glad you found us..................Lots of great info here and great people too.............
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Thanks again for the warm welcome. I am exploring the site and enjoying it immensely. I am thinking about attaching my brinkmann vert smoker to my big beefie brinkmann charcoaller and having 1 big unit... just not quite sure how to make it work so far.

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