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NCAA Smoke

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Hey all. Decided to take the day off to watch some hoops and smoke some meat. I'm doing a boston butt from Costco as my primary smoke. I'm also smoking some brats, my first batch of ABTs, and a fatty which I'm eating for lunch. The ABTs are a god send. Amazing. The brats were ok but they don't look that good in the pics but they were smoked.

Here are a few pics and then I will update later with my butt. I think I got this thin blue thing going on. Is it possible to be in the "blue club" with an electric smoker? lol.

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lookin good wink.gif
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Yes Mark you do thave the TBS going,looks great-the food does also-good job.
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Thank you. My butt just hit 165* so I pulled it off the smoker and it's now in the oven at 240* or so. I had a really good bark on this one and it only took me 8 hours to get to 165. I think putting the butt on the middle shelf right above the water pan as opposed to the top (had the other stuff up there) helped with the bark and cook time. Probably runs easily 240 there; my oven themometer broke so don't know for sure. I didn't spray with anything but the bark still looks good; I didn't want to lose my heat as these electric smokers can be finicky.

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Everything looks great Mark.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Food looks great, looks like you done a good job. Just be careful where you put your beer down PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Wow Mark...everything looks great. Very nice job. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif I just got back from the meat market and I had a pack o brats in my hand and I put them back. Seeing yours I wish I had bought them.

Interesting looking coffee table ya got there...I am a woodworker, and it caught my eye. Can you give a brief description?

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mercy that looks good. Joe i noticed also-hinges first!(looks old)folds up to store books etc-does look like it could be a old piece? or a authantic reproduction of a antique-hehe
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The coffee table is not old; maybe 7 years. I'll snap some pics but my wife got it from American Furniture out here in Denver. It has two drawers on the front and then the top lifts up and you can store some blankets, etc.
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I have the exact same smoker and I am a proud member of the OTBS! Many of us say that it doesn't matter what you smoke on, the chef can make magic with any of them!
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Here are the pulled pics. Overall probably my best butt to date. I had a nice smoke ring but its not showing up in the pics. But it was there and it was nice to see. Finished with SoFlaQuer's sauce; love that stuff.

Tomorrow I'm doing another one for the folks for Easter and also throwing on a rack of beef ribs and of course, more ABTs.

Thanks for checking out my posts.

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Oh man that looks good. I might have to go to the store and get something to throw on with my boston butt.
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