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Hello all,
I just happened to stumble across the forums while surfing the net and I'm glad I found it! My names Dane and I come from Ontario. As for my smoking experience: I started smoking meat in terracotta pots! A fairly odd concept but it worked well. Its basically two terracotta pots placed together(one on top of the other) with a hot plate placed in the bottom as your heat source.
Recently I decided to go up a notch and make my own smoker. Its essentially made out of 2by2s and plywood. I picked up a coleman propane stove from Canadian tire and it fits nicely in the bottom. Heres a picture of my setup:

I'm currently smoking some beef at around 200 degrees. Its been about 20 hours and I think its almost done. I'll let you guys know how it turns out.

Theres many things I want to try smoking such as cheese and fish.

Anyways, I thinks thats about it

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Welcome Hawnk! Gotta love your smoker, nice thin blue smoke risin. I think a cresent moon on the door is in order!

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Haha, funny you should say that, thats exactly what my parents said! My neighbors probable think we are crazy.
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Great looking smoker Hawnk...Welcome to SMF. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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welcome to SMF Dane sounds like you gonna fit right in-we like innovative people.
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Welcome to SMF. Like your smoker. Lots of good folks here. ask any questions you may have. Someone will answer. We welcome all information that you may share.
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Welcome to the forum. Whats all that white stuff on the ground? icon_wink.gif

Glad to have you here!!!
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Welcome Dane

Welcome to the smf Dane. Lots of nice folks here. I like your smoker. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Happy Smokin

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Welcome Dane. Love your exhaust vent.PDT_Armataz_01_13.gif
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Welcome to the forum Dane. That's a cool smoker you have there. I am also in Ontario in the Windsor area.
Enjoy the forum.

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Welcome to the smf.................Glad you found us................
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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! My first smoke in my new hut went fairly well(really tired from waking up every hour putting wood chips on!). Here are some pictures:

All you need, smoked meat and beer :)

I only had one problem. Its fairly cold here, as you can see from the picture in my first post. This morning when it was very very windy as well so that increased the difficulty of keeping 200 degrees. After about 24 hours I decided to put it in the oven to get the temperature of the beef up to an acceptable level. It didn't seem to ruin the taste, it still melted in your mouth and was very moist.

On the bright side, I think the lower temperature will make my next missions easier, cheese and fish!!!

Thanks again guys,

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Welcome aboard, glad to have ya, outhouse and all!
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