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question about chicken....

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A friend of mine has a couple of marinaded whole chickens (sea salt and pepper) that he wants to cold smoke. These birds already have enough salt in them for his tastes, so he was wondering if they could be cured with pink cure (prague powder). If so how much and how long?
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I'd be real uncomfortable about cold smoking chickens. I don't think you could get them to cure safe enough without turning them to salt pillars. And to make matters worse, the cold smoke would keep them in the danger zone for a really long time. Unless I'm missing something, I can't see it happening safely.
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prague#1= cures at 1 inch per week-I say no way cold smoke poultry-danger-danger mr. robinson.
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I've seen recipes for cold smoked chicken but they usually involve keeping the chicken in the danger zone for a long time (6 hours) then baking it. I don't know if I'd chance it.
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bob.......WILL robinson........LOLOL

why would you WANT to cold smoke smoke it.........then eat it cold.......seems to me to be the same.........
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oops dude yup.
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WD your older than me-you know those things,I just remember my Parents saying it all the time.(grin)
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Nonetheless, DANGER, DANGERicon_eek.gificon_eek.gif Don't do it.
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Don't beleive I would try cold smokin a chicken. No need to, I would hot smoke em then chill if that is what one is after. To much of a chance for a trip to the hospitol for me.
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I think im on the "stay away from the cold smoked chicken side of the fence." Everthing about the bird screams heeeaaaat me up. But it is totally your call.
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That was my original thought too, but I told him I would run it by the "pros". PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Thanks guys
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