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icon_lol.gif If you don't want it. I'd love it. It combines 2 of my 3 favorite hobbies. Now if it teaches me to golf I'd fall in love with it.
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you a man after my own heart.........i play golf just for a excuse to drink beer PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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me thinks a waste of a good hike.
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Good looking grub Deud!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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When we gonna play golf for beer?
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Oh i was having the tress anyway biggrin.gif. We live in an 85 year old farmhouse with some original windows can't afford the propane !!!!

I've already had two trees down and i thought when cutting them, hmmm that smells like it would be good in the smoker. Was going to leave some of the smaller branches. Think i'll be hauling most of every tree back here nowPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Keep at it with ol bud. and you'll be best friends in no time.
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Don't give up. Them cheap thin walled offsets can be conquered! I am proof of that. The learning curve is alot less troublesome with the good help from this site.

Windbreak is a must in this weather.
Extend the smokestack to the grate.
Baffle, baffle , baffle
Water pan


You'll get it, hang in there!icon_wink.gif
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Tell ya what, you pay for golf, I'll pay for beer.
Beware Pebble Beach, here we come.
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The kegfan mod has got to be the best i've seen in awhile if not ever!
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Great looking smoker and grub..............
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Good looking grub you got there. You know I am still learning my offset. Some days I call her Baby......some days I call her Beiotch!!
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Universal heat plate

Hey wd. Not sure what you're thinking for a bafflle plate for bud. I found something interesting at our Thiesens last weekend.
It's a universal heat deflector plate for propane grills. Looked like it's several plates with holes and slots to make it abjustable. Was selling for $10.00.

Think i may try one in my cgsp.
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