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New Smoker!

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Hello all,
It's been awhile since I've posted or even done much smoking..had some health issues and it turns out I need to have a left hip replacement...yeah, I'm only 44!!....But, I'm in constant pain and they told me my hip joint is bone-on-bone....nice!! Surgery is planned for end of May and they say I should be back to normal activities after the metal hip is in...the wonders of modern medicine!!!..Anyway, enough about my problems and on to more important things....smoking! I want to get a new electric smoker (since I will have a lot of free time this spring and summer!) I was looking at the Cookshack Smokette...seems to get pretty good reviews...Does anyone have this brand? and how are they? I know they are pretty pricey, but I am willing to pay a little more for a good quality smoker that will last me a long time. Also, is this unit good for cold weather? Well, enough of the novel...thanks for all the advice!!

Curt smile.gif
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Welcome back Curt! Hope all goes well in May. I don't know nothing about electrics except the Brinkmann Gourmet. It works well as long as the wind isn't a factor.
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Curt, most electrics will suffer in the winter, especially if it is windy. This can be remedied by adding another heat element, wind break and insulation. You might want to consider a propane unit. I am happy with mine, thought about an electric, but am building a fridge unit that will be electric so wen't with a gasser. Only one smoke with it, but that went supper well.
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