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I'm just learning, bought a Smith & Wesson 38 special a week or two ago and telling a friend about it, he sent me here. Smoked my first shoulder roast last weekend was delicious. Doing some back ribs today. Hope they turn out as well. My Name is Oscar Robinson, from Rogers Ar. My wife and I like to do a lot a camping and Dutch oven cooking. We love our Cast iron. My son is a smoker but he lives far enough away that I usually hear about it after the fact. Didn't like that, so decided buy my own. Now here we go.biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the forum Oscar, glad to have you
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Is the Smith and Wesson you're smoker???

Welcome aboard!!!
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Yes the Smith & Wesson is my smoker. Bought it at Sportmans Warehouse. It a pellet fed smoker. It's almost like a Ronco oven, you just set it and forget it. My son said it is a lazy man smoker, but he comes back for seconds and thirds. They also have 44 magums and specials. They are made by Traeger Smokers in MT.Angel, OR.
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Hia Oscar. Welcome to SMF. You'll be out-Q'in yer boy in a month or yer money back ;{)
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Welcome aboard, glad to have ya! You sound like our kinda folks!
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Welcome to the smf............Glad you found us..........Great place here...........
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Just echoing the welcome. You'll love this site, just keep reading!
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Welcome oscar. Great place around here. Smoking is in my blood and i still get new ideas reading the post. GOOD TO HAVE YOU AROUND
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Welcome Oscar. That sounds familiar, I just started and I have been telling my dad about my smokes and he is wanting to get one now. We love the NC style BBQ and he can't get it in AL.
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welcome Oscar, glad you found SMF.
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Welcome to SMF Oscar...good to have ya aboard.
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