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Need some ideals

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I'm looking to smoke a ham for easter- Does anybody have good ways of smoking it.
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more info please-store bought pre cooked-etc?
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I'm not sure what would be the best way to go-
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I think Desertlites was asking for more info about the meat you are starting with.

Is it a fresh ham or one that is cured?
Has it been injected with a "solution" by the manufacturer?
How big is it?

Stuff like that.

In general, the more information you provide, the better answers you will get.
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I haven't bought the ham yet. What would be the best type of ham to get to smoke or does it matter.
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I'am thinking a pre cooked sprial sliced-nothing to fancy-drive a wooden dowel through the slices to keep them from un-raveling through the smoke-glaze it 2-3 hrs before you pull it if u gonna glaze-tis already cooked so u just adding smoke&getting heated up. just my thoughts-maybe later a pro will chime.
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That sounds good to me- Thanks
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I have rubbed some pre-cooked with butter pineapple and brown sugar and smoked them with a mix of apple and pear wood--- they come out pretty tasty!!
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