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Horizontal w/ SFB Temps Question

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Hi all,

Did a test run yesterday with the new charcoal basket, stack extension, and dual thermos on my Smoke N Pit. I set a water pan up against the firebox side of the charcoal grate but do not have a baffle or tuning plates yet. Temp difference from firebox end to stack end varied anywhere from a low of 9 degrees to a high of 20.

For those of you who have done the full blown baffle, tuning plate thing, what is the temperature difference from one end of the smoker to the other?


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Don't fix it if it ain't broke. Your temp variance is GREAT. I cannot achieve that with my offset. Just turn out the Q.
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Dont have an offset, but those temp variations sound pretty damn good to me. Can always move the meats around in the chamber to compensate for the temps...
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If you are going by the therms in the doors(avatar), they may not be totally accurate.If you are going by temps at the grate, then I would say, your a very lucky man to acheive that variance without a baffle or tuners!
I have both in My charbroil and I bet my end to end difference is about 15 degrees most of the time.

Go by grate temp, use the therms on the door for reference. When you finally learn that 275 on the door means 225 at the grate, then you can make that info work for you. The above numbers were just an example. On my silver, the door therm is about 50 degrees hotter than the actual grate temp.

Hope this helps!smile.gif
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i just did first time smoke on my clone of yours.......with no baffle or tuning plates.......i was running a temp diff of anywhere from 20 degrees to 90 degrees .....depending on the you are a VERY lucky man
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Here is a picture of the inside of the smoker.

This shows the location of the temp probes plus the stack extenstion. (Gotta love that built in timer on the camera.) Of course when my digital thermos finally arrive, I can run it again with potato holders with probes at grate level for comparison.


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Looks like you've got it going in the right direction. Have you put any seals around the smoke chamber? I plan to get some fireplace gasket in the morning to put on mine. Also, what did you use to extend the stack?
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I haven't been able to find any fireplace gasket at the local hardware stores. The weather is pretty nice here already so they have packed that stuff away. May have to try some specialty wood stove stores. Seals would help because smoke does drift out of the front, back and sides somewhat. And I am sure the rotissierie cutouts don't help much.

The smoke stack extension is a piece of 2-1/2" exhaust pipe with a slight "swedge" to make it stay in the hole. The muffler guy descrbed the material as "aluminized steel".

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If you shop online here's somewhere i found a bunch of that kind of stuff. I want to seal up my cgsp a bit more.
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