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Another "First Fatty"

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First off...thanks to everyone on this forum for the wealth of info/opinions on everything Q. I have been smoking meat for many years & cooking with a competition team for the last three years or so. Pulled pork rules in my area (W.KY)...ribs & chicken too of course. None of the 10 or so guys that I cook with had ever heard of a fatty!

Long story short, we had a fundraiser to cook for a couple of weeks ago & after scraping the snow off the cookers, we fired them around 10:30 pm. Loaded 'em up with 144 slabs of St. Louis cut ribs and 48 Butts...around 5:00 am when we were wrapping the ribs, we put on a couple of fattys. Our first ever! Mine was filled with mushrooms and smoked gouda cheese, buddy filled his with cheese, mushrooms & jalapeno's. A few hours later we ate them for breakfast. Have to say that they didn't last long & everyone was very favorably impressed. Going to have to check the camera & see if I remembered to take a pic.

Thanks to the good folks on this site for showing us something new. Next on the agenda is to smoke one of the corned beef briskets that I bought today.......$2.19 lb!.......Whoo Hoo!
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Congratulations on your first fatty, they are addictive so just be ready, won't be long and you'll be cravin another un!
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you'll never be the same after your first fatty. enjoyPDT_Armataz_01_37.gificon_smile.gifcool.gif
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