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yeah .........boiling ribs............a sin against god
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smoke them all the time

I usually smoke featherbones about once a month. With 4 kids 10lbs of featherbones goes a long way and can usually pick them up for about .88 a pound. And they come in a 10lb box. I usually just use the electric smoker for these @ 220 deg. for about 3 hours. I normally trim them a little by cutting off the fat on the side but most of them require little or no trimming. After trimming i'll sprinkle a little cajun seasoning on them for some added zing. All in all the featherbones are pretty meaty and tasty. After about 2 1/2 hours I'll sample one and then keep an eye on them for the next half an hour or so. I prefer mine a little more done than the riblets you would get from Applebees. Just make sure you don't over do them because they can get dry and sometimes a little brittle.

As a matter of fact I'm thinking about smoking some Sunday I'll post some pics so you all know what a featherbone (riblet) looks like. Being from Omaha, featherbones have always been around.
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What a hit.

I smoked 20 lbs, without a trace left now.

It's only the second time ever smoking meat.. and I'm learning in leaps and bounds. Even got my required mods done beforehand.

I got rid of the Mickey Mouse "warm, ideal, hot" temp gauge and got a real one.. only to discover that the hour of 225-250 of smoking I did was actually 325-350 when I opened it up and looked at the other oven temp gauge I had sitting on the rack.

Needles to say, about two lbs of featherbones that were right by the firebox were crispy critters. But the dogs sure loved them.
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