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Did It Continue To Brine???

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I brined some chicken breasts for a few hours on Sat. evening. I rinsed them off and stuck them back in the fridge so I could smoke them on Sunday. Well they came out pretty salty. So I'm thinking that they continued to brine (internally) even though I had rinsed them off.
Any thoughts??
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2 cents headed your way.

I would not say that they continued to brine, if they were sitting out, there was nothing more salt, water, anything else that they could suck in. I think it was just too much salt/too long in the brine from teh get go and that was it.
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I'm with Fatback Joe on this one, gotta watch the salt. I have left them in a brine overnight, and they are OK as long as I watch the salt amount.
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1 cup salt to 1 gallon of water, right?
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yup 1 cup to 1 gal. but rince soak & repete, a few times with brine-least thats how I do it.
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Also check the package to see if it was not already seasoned. There seems to be more products out now that have been previously seasoned like whole turkeys, chicken breasts, shrimp, etc.....
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I usually use less salt with poultry, like .75 cup/Gal. When curing I use .5 the standard. Reason is poultry are mostly bone by weight. And what was a few hours? Chickens require maybe 6-8 hours brining.

And like Kueh said..."X% of a solution added.." means a brine of sorts..and salt.
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I did some chickens today

Here is someone who just knows enough to be dangerous throwing in on the conversation so take it for what it's worth.... But I brined a chicken (2 actually) this morning for a smoke this afternoon. I used 1 cup kosher salt and some other spices for one gallon of water (each) and let them soak for 6 hours on the dot. I should have done one in the brine and one not in the brine to see if I could tell a difference. I may do that next time. ? I'll post some q-view in another thread.

I forgot to mention that the salt to water ratio in combination with the amount of time worked out fine. Both chickens were very tasty!
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I never brine, just inject before smoking and I have never had a dry chicken.
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But may have never known how moist one could be ;{)
Injection is a form of brining, depending on the solution injected.
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