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A good day of fishing capped off by some good pork chops.

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Got some thick pork chops with a rub. I plan on grilling them over charcoal and wood chips. They have a rub on with an asian chile dusting. Got them on with a handful of mesquite chips on the coals.

The chips produced a nice bit of smoke.

After the chops finished I threw on some portabello mushrooms, asparagus, and some assorted chiles.

Even the veggies got a taste of the thin blue...

A tasty plate full of good flavor!

This meal capped off an incredible day of fishing and hanging with friends. Here I am hooked into a nice redfish.

The catch.

Later on we found some trout.

After we were done fishing everyone met up at the park for a nice cookout and good conversation. Even the wildlife enjoyed our presence.
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Looks like a good day.
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What a great day. I love hooking those "Reds". Wish I could do it more often.
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It was good to tie into it. We were skipping shrimp up under docks and ended up pulling a few reds out.

This day also capped off a marathon for me. I had fished monday, teusday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday.
Saturdays fishing was short just taking some casts while spending all day moving a friend. everyone of those days I was up late and waking early. I am sore today and looking forward to going home and doing nothing tonight.
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Hell of a day Valp, sounds like fun.
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sounds fun

Man i wish i could have been in the area...but i was at work...oh well...
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Som guys have all the luck... and the Q too!
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That must have been a great day! Thanks for sharing!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Nice VegiQ

Those vegis look incredible. I normally use a cast iron skillet for asparagus and such. Never had a problem grillin shrooms though. But i will definetly be trying this the next time we grill out.
Great job!
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Mighty fine vittles and sounds like you had a great week fishin too!
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Looking good
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Great times!! Thanks for sharin' Great qview too!!! love the veggie shot!!
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