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Thoughts on smoking a picnic

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I mostly smoke pork butts, but a few times I have smoked picnics. I have never been pleased with the way they turn out, because the big bone and joint seem to prevent the meat closest to the bone from getting cooked as thoroughly as the rest. Do any of you even bother with picnics? If so, what do you do to mitigate this?
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Score the fat and skin real deep. Skin doesn't allow smoke to get in. I've foiled and finished in oven @230 degrees until meat is 210. Takes awhile but, seems done to me.
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What he said, picnics make great PP! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I did an 11 lb one this weekend. I didn't do anything to the skin / fat / etc - just rubbed it down, wrapped in plastic wrap for 10 hours, and then put it on the smoker. I smoked it at 240 from 6p till 2a (when it reached 160 internal), and then wrapped it in foil and put it in the oven at 250 until it reached 205 internal (about 10:30a). I let it rest in foil in the cooler until 1p and then pulled. It came out perfect, done correctly and oh so tasty.
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should have mentioned, I take the skin off first, I kind of figured finishing it off in the oven was some kind of sacrilidge
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well...........sometimes, when its a HUGE peice of brisket.........which i foil at 170 the rest of the sense in burning wood/charchol/gas/power, if its wrapped in foil......smoke can't get to it..........mite as well finish it up in the oven
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I prefer picnics, i think you get better flavor.
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When you guys wrap it in foil to be finished off are you doing it dry or adding some of the mopping sauce in there too? I have done it both ways but I think I prefer it without the extra wet sauce as that seemed to keep down the bark on the meat. Just curious what others are doing.
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If I wrap, a few spritzes of apple juice to "lubricate" the foil. When done, the meat juices combined with the aj makes a great finishing sauce.
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I use picnics due to availabilty and cost, I've yet to find a butt (I've yet to look very hard) I follow the sticky and they turn out wonderful every time. The last one I did shot up to 185 really fast and before the plateu so I went ahead and wrapped it. The plateu hit just below 190 and didn't last long. Before that I had one that had no plateu at all. Sometimes they take 10 hours and sometimes they take 4 hours. All 8 to 8.5#. All turned out wonderfull but some were better than others but not so much as you'd notice. Just goes to show it's temp not time thats important.
post #11 of 13 got to watch the amount of liquid time i didn't foil AT all........and the barq was SO hard, hardly could eat it
and thats the best part imho
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Help me with your definition of "picnic". I know there are different levels of pre-cookedness. The one I smoked was the middle level of cookedness and took about 4 hours to finish off in the smoker, 10 lbs. As it already had been smoked, I was just adding more smoke and the glaze.
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This should help explain what a "picnic" cut is:

I have done one picnic for pp and I took the skin off first. Took it up to 200 and it pulled easily, and was quite yummy as well!biggrin.gif
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