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Howdy...from Up North.

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Hey All,

Nick here from Toronto. Glad to finally find a comprehensive forum on smoking...meat that is...not know.

Current setup is a 40 gal oil drum that I flipped, cut, welded and modified into a side-box smoker (like the Char Grill). Its working really well right now, granted the learning curve for this thing is pretty wide and long. That said, through tons of trial and error, this setup has helped me find that BBQ zen of TBS. By no means am I a master, but every outing, I get closer at being consistently consistent (if that makes sense). Still got a lot of learning to do though.

Using good ol' logs and coal for fuel but I've been limited to mainly local woods like maple, oak, applewood and on occasion cherry wood (Hickory, Mesquite, Peach, Almond, etc are pretty much non existent up log form that is). So any friendly Americans that feel like shipping some of their woods here please do PM me.

Anyhow, glad to meet yall. Look forward to posting.
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Hia Nick, welcome to SMF from a Michigander. I am lucky in that my bro-in-law's an Alabaman and goes back there often, brings plenty of hickory up with him.

Custom rigs are cool... even my ECB has soo many mods it's close to one LOL!

Enjoy your time here!
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Second welcome from Michigan, and to SMF! Gald ya found us and hope ya enjoy the place. First and foremost......We like pics of rigs, creations, and edible stuff! PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif Dont be shy, and again, welcome!

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Welcome and Pull up a log and start smokin.
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Welcome to SMF. You will like it here. Lots of good folks that just live to help you out.
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Welcome to the site..............Glad to have you here...........
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Welcome Nick

Welcome to the smf Nick. Lots of good info and nice people on here.

Happy Smokin

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Nick: welcome aboard, glad to have ya! Sounds like a neat rig, you also have access to some of the best woods used for smokin! Maple and applewood are two excellent woods for pork or anything else for that matter and oak is what charcoal is made from so you have the main ingredient there!

Good luck with future smokes and be sure to share some q-view with us!
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Welcome to the forum Nick. I am in the Windsor area. This place is great.
Don't forget a qview pic of your smoker and your eats. I'm sure they are great.
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Nick, you have joined the best smokin' group on the net, SMF that is. Sounds like you have the right attitude and motivation, so keep reading and keep smokin'.
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3rd welcome from Michigan... welcome to SMF
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Best i get another welcome from Iowa in hereicon_biggrin.gif .

Great people here, great food, lot of laughs too.
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Welcome from Virginia. How bout some pics of your smoker.
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Welcome to the forum. Glad to see someone else has made their smoker.
Have plenty of Oak in Mississippi. Have to stop by sometimes.

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