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Please Tell Me About Your Backyard Offset.

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One of the smokers we have is a little Charbroil American Gourmet.For a cheapie sheet metal job it has done a great job and is a miser on charcoal use. Very easy to maintain temps etc.

I would like to upgrade to a bigger unit and hear of what you guys are cooking on.

TIA, UpInFlames
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Your right about that little guy!

Upgrading to larger offset will increase fuel usage and require some mods.
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Here are some picture of our smokers:-)

Any one who has a pic, please add them to the link below:-)

I am a fan of the reverse flow design.
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I just got one of these American Gourmet (love that name) it's the newer design with the smoke stack on the top barrel, not off to the side...

Have you made any mods to it?

I agree re: temp.

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My wife bought me a BBQ Pro from Kmart about a month ago. Its not as big as a Char-Griller. I use the charcoal tray in the cooking chamber along with some tin foil near the firebox to even out the temps. Doesn't use a lot of fuel and I have cooked up some tasty food in it! Great little offset!
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Got a Brinkmaster Smoke N Pit that I have been modifying. Thanks to the great folks here at the SMF and their pictures, I've been able to improve areas in which I wouldn't have thought to- such as the exhaust stack extension. It is a good size unit for a household's backyard and can accomodate cooking for a bunch of guests. There are lots of folks here that can help you (myself included) if you go with one of these. The mods are not difficult and easily done for the most part. Some are immediately obvious, such as replacing the chintzy "ideal" temperature range thermometer. On the plus side, it has great draw, you can grill or smoke with it, clean it easily and it looks pretty dang good as well. Good luck to you and good smoking!
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Michael, Mine is the older unit with the stack on the side.

Only thing I have done to it is fill with a chimney or two of Royal Oak briquettes and sit back and enjoy.

Keep us posted on your new toy.
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chargriller snp make a great smoker i'm actually on my second one of these,and have loved both of them ,for the money with the side fire box it's hard to beat,that's my 2 cents worth anyway.
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I have a CharGriller Smokin' Pro. I like it very much. Here is a link to a post I made the day it arrived. The post shows two simple mods that are best made while assembling the unit.

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Yeah unfortunately the first bag of Lump Charcoal I could find was at Lowe's and it was...ugh...Cowboy...

Now I found out that my local Ace hardware brand of lump is actually Royal Oak so I am heading there this week. I'm also going to try the Weekend Warrior Briquettes since I hear they are pretty amazing...

Do you turn the charcoal tray sideways or leave it at the bottom? Do you use any wood?


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Most people build a basket from expanded metal.
The one from Lowe's fits real nice too.
When I tried to turn the grate in my CGSP sideways, it seemed a bit too high.
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I'm using a Char Broil Silver Smoker with some mods. Added a baffle and tuning plate to distribute the heat more evenly lowered the stack down a few inches. I'm using 100% pre-burnt oak and cherry in the SFB. Using the exisiting coal grate and so far is working well.

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Im about to build mine after I lurk around here for a little longer to get some advice so Ill get some pics of it up soon
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