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Does Mr Walt still want the baked, organic, tofu filled donuts? PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif Why doesn't he just want Kripspy Kremes like the rest of us???? PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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LMAO.....If ya bring Walt a Tofu anything....I'd watch your back, wouldn't close my eyes for to long...don't want to wake up on
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The ONLY thing I'd bring him is a bottle of Gentleman Jack.
Bring him tofu ya deserve what ya get!
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Eagle Park location Info

I assume you all have it already but just in case:

Eagle Park Fairgrounds

14331 S Grange Rd
Eagle, MI 48822
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I'll be there Friday about 11:00, if anybody needs help settin up or gettin organized, give a hollar.... I'll have the flame hat on carrying a bottle of Jim Beam.... cool.gif
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Yep, look for the only cell tower in Eagle. We are located east of that big old tower.
We are at the far east end of the park.
Unfortunately extreemly high winds destroyed the Eagle Park Sign.icon_frown.gif
Cant wait to see you all tomorrow or Saturday.
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I'm lookin forward to it too. As soon as I get my suite back from the cleaners, I'll be on the road. Hopefully by 3-4 pm.Looks like the shorts are gonna stay home, callin for cooler weather. Thanks for posting the links, and the directions. That was real handy .

See you all tomorrow!
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Gotta love kids

I was planning a fun trip for this weekend eek.gif until my daughter, let me rephrase that. My 11 year daughter came home from school the other day and informed me that she has a volleyball tournament this Saturday. By the way she signed me for cleaning duty, and its an all day eventfrown.gif.

I really wanted to get down there and see you guys and learn from you the do' and don't of BBQ.

I am hoping that sometimes this summer something like this happens again where I can get to where the cooking is going on and learn something from you fine people.

Take care and I hope you have great weather. Myself I will be signing my song " Mop, mop, mop, all day long, while I'll clean this floor..."frown.gif

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Day one of this thing is over and NO PICS POSTED. Give 'em up! I know someone has a laptop.
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Yeah, I really wanted to go there but as luck would have it I got dumped on with work and have to work all weekend. The end of the month crunch. I had 14 days this month with no work at all so I have to make up for it.
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I will start a thread!biggrin.gif
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Waiting to drool
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