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yup sounds like a great time-good luck all and most of all Have Fun.
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Answer's in Red.

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All Day Smoke

Pork of the North

Extreme Roasters

Down Home BBQ

Hog Wild BBQ

Dr Chuckie's BBQ

Great Lakes BBQ and Feed BBQ

Smoke Eaters BBQ

Three Men and a Butt BBQ

Smokin' Scotsmen BBQ


The best of the best in Michigan!
Can you say "The Michigan BBQ Mafia??? wink.gifbiggrin.gifcool.gif
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Thanks for posting the answers. I will see the rest of the Mafia soon!PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Hello everybody,

This is my first post at this site. I am a backyard Bar-B- Que guy who is thinking about getting into competition cooking and summer catering gig.

I have been reading my different Bar-B-Que forums and when I saw that there was going to be a Spring cook off, it got me to start thinking. With at least 11 teams cooking down there, I am hoping that I can ask question and see how things are done at this level. That way I will know if this is something I truly want to attempt.

How many teams are open to talking to some strange guy during an event, when bragging rights are on the line?

I am not looking for recipes or secrets (heck I will not even tell my wife my rub concoction icon_smile.gif- top secret). What I wanna see is the different setups and why did certain teams pick this model or at model to cook their food on, what if they could do it over would they still do the same thing or pick something different.

Hopefully, I can clear our plan for this weekend and drive down from Bay City and check things out.

Low and Slow
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C'mon down and visit, you'll be amazed how much you'll learn!!
That's what BBQ comps are all about, comaradity and friendship, heck, some guys may even let you help out if you want, thats the real way to learn!!
See ya there! wink.gif
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What he said^^^^^^^.

Just keep in mind that that there are times starting on Friday night thru Sat. turn in's when teams are prepping and seasoning thier meats and such that they may not want folks to be hanging over their shoulder....some more than others. There is a term called "Shigging"

"Entering another teams site with intent of stealing BBQ secrets in an effort to improve one's own contest scores. To position ones self to view the inside of a fellow competitors BBQ pit when it is open, done without the consent of its owner."

Most of us joke around alot about it and have fun with it. Really, it's like Bubba said. Most folks love to talk about their cookers and setups...heck I know a few you might ask and be sorry you did....they never shut upeek.gifbiggrin.gif

Come on down and check it out...you won't be sorry!! Hope to see you there.wink.gif

BTW....Teams really tend to get focused on Sat. morning approaching turn in times....usally not a good time to chat, but after the last turn in it's PARTY time!!!!biggrin.gif
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Thanks for the quick reply

Thanks for the info.

I am really curious to know what type of rig everybody has and what it was like, when everybody started up.

Right now I am looking at either a Klose or a Gator Pitt to get into this stuff, but their prices are high. I am looking forward in talking with people about their rigs.

Thanks again
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Stop by my tent... It'll be good for a beer at least :{)
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I'll be relying on you for the TV for the wings games.......Priorities!! wink.gif
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Ahhh crap...riiiight. OK thanks. My bro sure won't.
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newbie from the nasty!

I havew to work until 2 on saturday, if I got there at about 4 would the festivities and fun still be going awhile. I would love to talk BBQ and see all the rigs?
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Hopefully it will still be going on at our camp!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

Rich, call me tomorrow!PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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Bump!!!!!!!! Just getting the word out....Lets see as many members/guests of the SMF out in Eagle for a summer kick-off BBQ practice comp!!!!

Red Wings are movin on to the next round!!!!!! "Sir Stanley" in their sights!!!
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HEy Tonto..I have left a message with them, but is there water and electricity available for campers there?
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Dan there is a motel in Portland which is the first exit west of Eagle.
I think its a 9 mile run. Its on Grand River Ave. exit.
Cant think of the name to save my life right now. Its acrossed the street from the Speedway gas station/truck stop.
Nice little grocery store there as well. Toms Mkt.
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If not for prior commitment The Peculiar Smoke Competition BBQ Team ("It's the herbs") would be there.
We will be at Pomme de Terre Lake - smokin' on the SDS Pineapple drum smoker, having "something cool to drink", and thinking about y'all.
Next year.......................... you might be surprised. wink.gif
Making it through ChiTown is the worst part. Dragging the toyhauler ya know.
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And Another Thing -

Now that you folks are warmed up you need to git on down to Thibaut Point Park on Truman Lake near Warsaw, MO June 19-22 for the Official SMF Smokin' Roundup (AKA "The Gathering"). and do some serious smokin', eatin', and meet some of the other fine SMF folks.

It's being put on for YOU ya know.

PM me your email addy to get an entry form.

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WoooHooo....1 day to go!!! Let me see if I can answer some questions.

Rich, there is water and limited eletric avalible...good idea to bring an extention cord and also a length of hose.

DB....Hopefully we will get some receeption for the game...bringing the wirelesss tv to set up

Mike....it's a short drive...I fully expect you to be there...biggrin.gif

Phodog...I'm sure there still will be plenty of poeple hanging out...come on over!!!

FYI...We will be having a potluck dinner on friday night. If you would like to take part, bring a dish....it's sounding like it will be quite a feast(no BBQ please..lol)

We are up to 14 teams....I will post an up to datr list tommorow morning...got to catch a few winks now!

Really looking foward to it!!!icon_smile.gif
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Rich and Dan....forgot to mention it would probably be a good idea to take somthing along to carry water.....depending on where you are a length of hose might not reach. Not to worry...it's not far away either way.

As stated in the origanal application/info form we are following KCBS guidlines for this comp. If you would like to take a look at there rules and regulations DOC. it can be found here....it is the first one one the list:


Jeff(jts70) We are asking that judges arrive by at least 11:00am on Saturday.

Updated Team List:

All Day Smoke

Pork of the North

Extreme Roasters

Down Home BBQ

Hog Wild BBQ

Dr Chuckie's BBQ

Great Lakes BBQ and Feed BBQ

Smoke Eaters BBQ

Three Men and a Butt BBQ

Smokin' Scotsmen BBQ


BavarianSmoke BBQ

Roadmaster BBQ

Hickory BBQ

If anyone has any questions.....today is the day to ask them!! I can be reached at tmandb17@comcast.net or give me a call....I believe you all have my number....Come on PeculiarMike, I left that one wide open for ya!!!biggrin.gif

Look foward to seeing you all!!! icon_smile.gifcool.gif
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