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Overnight Butt's

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Started my butt's Friday night around 815p (eastern) before the weather set in. We were lucky in that it didn't get nearly as gnarly as the weatherman said it would. Light rain, some snow, and little wind.

Filled the ring with unlit Royal Oak (first time using it) and threw a chimney of lit on top. Let that run for about an hour while I prepped the 14lbs of butts using my own rub and then closed her up. I wasn't sure just how it would go with the Royal Oak but I hoped for the best. Knocked what little there was for ashes down 'round midnight and went to bed. Woke up at 4a and the temp was down to *195 so I went down and knocked the ash again. Right back up to *250 with enough lump to let me head back to bed. It's now just after 10a and I've only had to add one chimney to keep it going steady.

Butt's are at *174 and holding. Dang, it's a shame I have to freeze these for next weekend!! Good thing I just threw on a 4lbs chuck roast icon_mrgreen.gif

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Sounds great! Lottsa work but the results will be oh so good! Shoot us some q-view if ya get the chance!
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You smokers and your dang food pron ;)

And yes, it will _all_ be worth it in the end...
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Well hope to see some q-view when done...........Love the wind break............
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Looks damn good so far.................Good job..................
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The weather updates all lied to me. They called for an all night slush-a-thon. We had some rain, some snow, and some wind. Nothing like what was forecast.

That's ok though, now I know how well a setup like this works. Not to mention the remote therm works at my bedside. Score one for me, zero for weather induced hysterics.
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Looking good little smoke shack ya got there. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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yup I'm likeing it flip.
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Just foiled the butt's at *185 (wanted to try without the foiling) and put them on the bottom rack of my WSM. I took so dang long to do it 'cause the meat was cooked to the mesh grate that the temp spiked up to *365. It's been just over 16 hours now and I want to take a nap!
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Oh, them vittles be lookin fine! Glad to hear your weatherman was wrong (gee just like usual huh?!).
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Ah those look great Flip, good job.
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